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Annual Renewal at $995.00/user/month
For subscribers subscribing before 2013
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Professional $150/Month
This is the monthly subscription payment for a 1-user Account. You are buying secure collaboration for healthcare providers using pictures and words. Renewal will be automatic unless cancelled.
$150.00 USD Monthly

Professional $1500/Year
This is the annual subscription payment for you to save 16% by paying annually.

2 months free! Limited time offer.
$1500.00 USD Annually

iClickCare Call Center
iClickCareCallCenter™: For medical organizations with a call center where each shift handles ten (10) or more patient calls per week.
$1500.00 USD Annually

Enterprise, automatic withdrawal
iClickCareEnterprise™, for organizations that employ three (3) or more medical professionals, or that have more than one department as part of their organization, provides you with full administrative access and management. Take even better care of your patients, accomplish more with less, and greatly increase your ROI.

$150.00 USD Monthly
$1500.00 USD Annually

User Guide Set/ $50.00 per set (30 Available)
iClickCare User Guides. Includes one Webclient and one iPhone manual and one iPad manual in each set. Shipping extra.
$50.00 USD One Time

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